Susan Crown

A note from SCE Chairman, Susan Crown

At SCE we are keenly interested in learning about learning.

Our new SEL initiative is an effort to better understand the non-cognitive skills—grit, resilience, and agency- that fortify and sustain us through challenges, and keep us on course to reach our goals.

We are very pleased (and surprised) by the level of interest in this program.  Over 200 potential partners joined our conference call outlining the effort to prospective partners, and over 4,000 have visited our Challenge Grant website.  We take this as a strong indication that many are as intrigued by this topic as we are.

Thank you for the time you are investing in this undertaking. We hope we have useful insights and protocols to share one year from now. Thanks, too, for your work equipping the rising generation with the skills and tools needed to thrive in the 21st century.

—Susan Crown