About Us

About Us

Our History

After three decades working in traditional philanthropy, Susan Crown was ready to try something new.

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Letter from the Chairman

When the Susan Crown Exchange was founded over ten years ago, the world was a dramatically different place.

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Our Mission

The Susan Crown Exchange supports nonprofits that prepare youth to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Our Values


We thrive in the white space. We explore the questions that our society is just beginning to ask and partner with the people who are best equipped to answer them. We’re inspired by ambitious thinkers and big, bold ideas.


We strive to upend traditional power dynamics; we treat the organizations we support as true partners in shared objectives. We forge unlikely partnerships and value the unique expertise that each actor brings to the table.


We approach every problem with a learning mindset. We ask questions rather than assuming answers. We rigorously research new issues before we decide to take them on. We take calculated risks, understand that risk involves making mistakes, and seek to learn from the process. We’d rather do things well than quickly; genuine change takes time.


We are candid with our collaborators about our approach, our thought process, and our lessons learned. We strive to foster open and candid dialogue. We share the results of our partnerships with the field at large, so that others can prosper from our experience and build upon our progress.


We are privileged to work with keen minds and passionate problem-solvers. We are grateful for the visionaries who came before us, for the partners who share our aspirations, and for the opportunity to do this work.

Exchange Philosophy

Traditional philanthropy creates unequal power dynamics between grantmakers and nonprofits. We address this inequality by working in true partnership with the organizations we support.

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Our Team

Learn more about the staff and Board of the Susan Crown Exchange.

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