Digital Learning

Announcing our Newest Digital Learning Venture Grant – iCivics

iCivics exists to transform civic learning through inventive and interactive resources. Founded in 2009 by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, the group creates free educational materials – print-and-go lesson plans, digital literacy tools, and award-winning video games – to ensure all students receive a high-quality and engaging civic education. And their games work. Students step into the shoes of the President, a Supreme Court Judge, or even a county-level activist, and do the jobs they do. iCivics makes learning relevant to kids, and allows them to play a part and change the outcome. Their philosophy is simple: you learn best by doing.

Today, iCivics is a thriving network of educators, students, and active supporters. iCivics is used by 125,000 teachers across all 50 states. And over 4 million students benefit from their resources each year. iCivics is the largest provider of digital civics curriculum in the nation. SCE has partnered with iCivics to support their ambitious agenda: expanding the curriculum into high school, and modernizing their most popular games for greater user-access. With iCivics, young people – by the millions – will learn to become knowledgeable, curious, and engaged in civic life.