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Announcing Two New Venture Grants

SCE is pleased to announce two new Venture Grants: Remake Learning in our Digital Learning portfolio and Wings for Kids in our Social and Emotional Learning portfolio. SCE Venture Grants target thought leaders and creative organizations on the leading edge of the field. Through our Venture Grant initiative, we build partnerships with innovative groups working to solve key challenges aligned to our strategy.

Remake Learning is a professional network of educators and innovators working together to shape the future of teaching and learning in the Greater Pittsburgh Region. Representing more than 250 organizations, including early learning centers & schools, museums & libraries, afterschool programs & community nonprofits, colleges & universities, ed-tech startups & major employers, philanthropies & civic leaders, Remake Learning is collaborative effort to inspire and empower a generation of lifelong learners in Pittsburgh, West Virginia, and beyond. To learn more about Remake’s process and outcomes, download the Remake Learning Playbook. The Playbook covers the theory and practice of building learning innovation networks, the resources and strategies required to put networks into action, and the impact of the network in schools, museums, libraries, communities, and more.

Wings for Kids aims to equip at-risk kids with the social and emotional skills to succeed in school, stay in school, and thrive in life. WINGS is the only U.S. organization focused solely on providing social and emotional education within after school programs and serves more than 1,600 kids every day at 11 locations. The organization uses a codified, research-based curriculum that requires daily data entry to track kids’ progress and ensure that providers are delivering the desired outcomes of improving social and emotional skills, behavior, attendance, and academic performance.  Click here for a free DIY SEL kit.