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Young Leaders in Technology Granted $2 Million to Create Safe and Inclusive Online Spaces 

We are thrilled to be a part of The Responsible Technology Youth Power Fund (RTYPF) which today announced our inaugural cohort of 26 youth-led initiatives receiving a total of $2 million to support their advocacy for ...


Defining Thriving in the Digital Age

Thriving as humans, according to Daniel J. Brown, co-author of Human Thriving: A Conceptual Debate and Literature Review, is simply “feeling good about life and yourself and being good at something.” Today, we know that many ...


Creating Connections in Chicago

After years of virtual gatherings, we are energized after being able to convene not one but two Challenge cohorts in-person in Chicago! Convenings built around creating connections, sharing learnings, challenges and best practices with peers are ...


Introducing HX: Human Experience in a Tech-Infused World

We are at an inflection point; one that re-examines our relationship to and with technology. Not only is society still grappling with the uncertainty of how and how long COVID-19 will alter our daily routines, the ...


Youth Voice in the Digital Age Cohort: Convening Two

It was time again to convene our Youth Voice cohort for (hopefully) the last virtual gathering. We originally assembled our Tech and Society ‘Youth Voice in the Digital Age’ cohort in pursuit of the answer to ...


Convening Our Youth Voice Cohort… Virtually

By the Susan Crown Exchange, featuring insights from the Stanford When we launch a Challenge, we do so with the intent of building a cohort of organizations that work together towards a common goal. This ...


Announcing SCE’s Youth Voice Challenge Partners

When we announced our Tech and Society Youth Voice Challenge last winter, we sought the answer to a single question: How can young people inspire their peers to use technology in healthy ways and make digital ...


Building a Better Human-Tech Paradigm by 2023

This blog is the second in a series exploring our evolving thinking on the relationships between technology and society. We look forward to learning more about this emerging topic, and to sharing what we learn along ...

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