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Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop and Center for Global Education at Asia Society release “Digital Play for Global Citizens” report:

Earlier last month, the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop and the Center for Global Education at Asia Society released a report for educators, youth development leaders, and parents to explore digital resources and how these innovative tools can be used as a means for teaching young leaders to be more macro-minded citizens and connected thinkers.
The Digital Play for Global Citizens report highlights some ways digital tools can allow children to develop skills necessary to thrive in our increasingly global and ever-changing world.
This report outlines a framework with four key dimensions of global competence:

  1. Exploring various issues from a local, global and intercultural lens. “The ability to combine knowledge about the world with critical reasoning whenever people form their own opinions about a global issue.”
  2. Understanding, appreciating and recognizing perspectives and world views that are different than their own. “A willingness and capacity to consider global problems from multiple viewpoints.”
  3. Learning to participate in cross-sectional and cross-cultural engagement that is effective and respectful. “Engage in respectful dialogue, want to understand the other, and try to include marginalized groups.”
  4. Actively engaging in fostering sustainable development and collective well-being. “Individuals’ readiness to respond to a given local, global, or intercultural issue or situation.”

This report intends to provide ready-to-use resources and techniques for using digital play to promote global citizenship.
To learn more, download the report here!