Center for Humane Technology

Organization Description

Launched in 2018 by deeply concerned tech ex-insiders — including world-renowned design ethicist Tristan Harris and highly-acclaimed technology investor Roger McNamee — the Center for Humane Technology (CHT) is an independent nonprofit organization whose mission is to realign technology with our humanity. CHT’s ultimate aim is to drive a comprehensive shift toward Humane Technology by changing the way technologists think about their work and how they build products.

CHT’s education work is focused on addressing a more immediate demand for educational resources that support young people, parents, and educators as they navigate a new era of world history in which the everyday influence of technology is ubiquitous, continuous, and dominant. Its goal is to provide key educational resources through the unique lens of CHT’s thought leadership, all grounded in a nuanced, evidence-based understanding of how technology impacts the social fabric.

Why We Invested

Like SCE, Center for Humane Technology believes in the power of youth voice. CHT is committed to mobilizing youth by equipping them with the knowledge and supports necessary to make positive change in this new and ever-evolving space.

Impact of SCE Support

SCE’s grant further enables CHT to engage young people around the ethics and impact of the technologies they use, including recommendations for a healthier digital experience. Specifically, the SCE’s grant will enable CHT’s education program to create and share high quality, evidence-informed resources with adolescents, parents, and educators at high schools across the U.S.; launch a dissemination strategy to make the resources freely and widely available; and gather on-the-ground insights from adolescents, parents, and educators about the challenges they face and potential solutions.

The Center for Humane Technology (CHT) is an independent nonprofit organization whose mission is to reverse human downgrading by inspiring a new race to the top and realigning technology with humanity.
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