Center for Investigating Healthy Minds

What if our world were a kinder, wiser, more compassionate place? A place where we exercise our minds just like we exercise our bodies? A place where transforming your mind not only improves your own well-being, but cascades to the well-being of others in your community and around the globe?

At the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, this vision is becoming a reality. Faced with mental and physical health challenges at a global scale, the Center conducts rigorous scientific research to bring new insights aimed at improving the well-being of people of all backgrounds and ages.

To begin to answer this, the Center has investigated the science of emotions, contemplative practices and qualities of mind we suspect affect well-being, including attention, resilience, equanimity, savoring positive emotions, kindness, compassion, gratitude and empathy. The Center, part of one of the world’s top research institutions, benefits from cross-disciplinary collaborations in the arts and humanities, the physical and natural sciences, and the social sciences.

SCE supported the Center’s Healthy Minds Program, which teaches skills that foster an organizational culture of engagement and success, supporting key sectors including the workplace, education, and healthcare.

To cultivate well-being and relieve suffering through a scientific understanding of the mind.
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