Organization Description

Founded in 1993, is the largest nonprofit tech company that inspires young people (ages 13-25) to effect change. SCE is pleased to partner with DoSomething on a nationwide call-to-action called “Untangle the Web” that encourages collaborative, intergenerational conversations and problem solving around digital citizenship.

Why We Invested

With over six million members, DoSomething inspires action via cause campaigns that connect a well-researched issue alongside a call-to-action that has a proven, measurable impact. DoSomething motivates, empowers, and celebrates a generation of doers.

Impact of SCE Support

We partnered with DoSomething to develop Untangle the Web, a campaign designed to kickstart intergenerational conversations about digital life. DoSomething asked young people to take a quiz about how they used technology and media. Based on their responses, they received a digital personality and an action guide to help them start a conversation with an adult in their life. Whether a News Detective battling misinformation or a Ray of Sunshine spreading positive vibes, each young person shared an insight about their relationship with technology with a trusted adult.

From the 50,000 kids who took the quiz, we identified a small subset of the most engaged teens and asked them to apply for an Untange the Web hackathon—a two-day event where they could actually design a product that would help their peers untangle the web. We selected 15 of the most promising applicants from around the country and flew them out to New York City to participate. The 15 teens we selected developed wireframes for products that addressed our challenge question: “How might we improve people’s judgement in digital spaces?” Their passion and dedication blew us away.

Check out this blog to learn more about the hackathon and watch the video from the event!

DoSomething is a global nonprofit with the goal of motivating young people to make positive change both online and offline through campaigns that make an impact.
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