In 2012, SCE funded Gooru to build Collection X, a learning environment that is engaging and relevant for underserved middle school math students. As of 2015, Collection X has resulted in the development of nearly 4,000 digital, multimedia lessons that span topics from 20 Math, Science, Social Science and English Language Arts (ELA) courses. Gooru’s personalized learning solution now enables teachers to find, customize and share collections of web resources on any K-12 topic.

Advances in technology and the globalization of learning have made it imperative that students, as well as young professionals joining the workforce, develop the skills they need to succeed. The Advancing 21st Century Skills project builds on Collection X and supports teachers with a framework and content to teach 21st century skills while aligning to Common Core State Standards.

Gooru's mission: Honoring the human right to education.
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