PowerMyLearning has more than a decade of experience delivering educational tools and technology to underserved learners nationwide. In 2013, SCE awarded PowerMyLearning a Digital Learning Challenge grant to enhance the PowerMyLearning platform so that it would be a more engaging and attractive digital choice for kids. PowerMyLearning aggregates the most effective free digital learning activities available on the web and makes them easily accessible and usable in one place. In 2014, a second SCE grant enabled PowerMyLearning to continue platform enhancements and design the Class Leaderboard, a feature that enables educators to run learning competitions that motivate students. PowerMyLearning also includes formative task tools that enable students to produce their own content – through written text, screen captures, and hyperlinks to student-created videos, presentations, and software programs.

PowerMyLearning is a national education nonprofit that advances educational equity and accelerates students’ social-emotional learning (SEL) and academic achievement.
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