Center for Digital Thriving

The Center for Digital Thriving is a research and innovation center housed at Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and seeded by Susan Crown Exchange and Pivotal Ventures. The Center is building resources and developing research that helps young people—and all of us—redefine our relationships with technology. Instead of feeling controlled by or tethered to tech, they envision people feeling empowered to use tech to lead rich, fulfilling lives.

The guiding questions for the Center align perfectly with our mission to prepare youth to thrive in a rapidly changing world:

  • What does thriving look like in a world with unprecedented connectivity and rapid technological growth?
  • What types of support do people—and especially kids and teens—need to thrive in a tech-filled world?

The Center collaborates with a variety of partners, including Common Sense Education, to co-create artfully-designed, evidence-based, youth-centered resources for use in schools, peer-to-peer contexts, at home, and in clinical settings. These resources are co-designed with youth as key partners and sources of expertise, and with equity as a guiding principle.


To create resources and research that support people in feeling empowered to use tech to lead rich, fulfilling lives.
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