Wyman Center

Organization Description

Wyman is a non-profit leader in developing and administering programs that enable teens in low resource environments to discover their strengths, potential, and leadership abilities — qualities that point to lifelong success. Wyman has deployed successful, evidenced-based solutions that help teens transform their destinies and communities, both locally and nationally. Wyman’s Teen Outreach Program empowers teens from 6th through 12th grade with the tools and opportunities needed to build a foundation of healthy behaviors, life skills and a sense of purpose.

Why We Invested

Wyman hold’s a unique place among national youth development programs – not only do they deliver high impact services directly to youth, they also train and build capacity in others to interact effectively with youth and seek to improve youth-serving systems. Each of these strategies support three key outcomes for youth that provide a foundation for success and underscore all of its work: educational success, healthy behaviors and relationships, and life and leadership skills.

Impact of SCE Support

Wyman’s trainings helps adults learn how to constructively recognize, utilize and enhance the strengths of young people. SCE’s investment will help Wyman to develop and launch an innovative portfolio of SEL-infused trainings that will reach existing and new audiences and systems.

Wyman Center's mission is to empower teens from economically disadvantaged circumstances to lead successful lives and build strong communities.
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