Youth Sports

Million Coaches Challenge Releases Belief Statement

A good coach can change everything. While most coaches recognize the key role they play in promoting youth development and social and emotional skills, they often don’t feel supported in doing so. This is a missed opportunity.

It’s time for big, bold action from across the youth sports sector. The first step: train one million coaches in youth development techniques through the Million Coaches Challenge. Together, with our partners, we have embarked on a journey to grow a generation of coaches trained in youth development. Coach training is essential to creating quality sports experiences and we envision a world in which all young athletes, regardless of their family’s income, their gender, their race, or their ability status. In our Million Coaches Challenge belief statement, we explain why we believe youth should have access to coaches who are well-versed in youth development and skill-building techniques that help kids succeed on and off the field. 

Together, we are the Million Coaches Challenge. Learn more the Million Coaches Challenge and our shared vision at: