Digital Learning

SCE partners with Gooru to advance 21st century skills

Success in the 21st century requires more than academic achievement alone. Thriving involves a new set of skills, including adaptation, problem solving, emotional intelligence, digital literacy and above all, learning how to learn both in the traditional sense, and through use of the powerful technological tools at our disposal.

Gooru and SCE have embarked on a new project to enhance learning by increasing awareness and discovery of 21st century skills through online learning content.

The goal is to empower educators to go beyond traditional pedagogy and draw out the opportunities for collaboration, problem solving, persistence and empathy inherent to learning any subject, from math and science to the arts.

Gooru, an SCE Digital Learning Challenge winner, offers a personalized learning solution that enables teachers to find, customize and share collections of web resources on any K-12 topic. With SCE’s support, Gooru is extending the platform to support tagging digital resources and collections to 21st century skills, a process that resulted from an analysis of 21st century learning strategies and skills from the 10 largest school districts in the United States and a comprehensive research review. The new taxonomy incorporates the frameworks of the Partnership for 21st Century Skills (P21), the Hewlett Foundation’s Deeper Learning initiative, and David Conley’s Four Keys to College and Career Readiness. Now, educators using Gooru can create and cross-tag content aligned to 21st Century Skills and Common Core State Standards for other educators to remix and use.

In addition, Gooru is developing courses for grades 7-12 that are framed around 21st century interdisciplinary themes including financial literacy, social and emotional learning, and environmental literacy.

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