Tech and Society’s Untangle The Web 2019 Campaign Update

The jury is still out. For all its good, the internet is not always a productive, friendly, or supportive place. That’s why we partnered with to empower young people to take ownership of their digital habits and start conversations with older adults on how to become better digital citizens. Since its launch on March 1, the “Untangle the Web” campaign has engaged more than 25,000 young people in this cause. 

Through our work with DoSomething, we learned that 46% of teens say they are online on a near-constant basis. We also learned that the 90% percent of people are concerned about internet privacy, and 67% of young people say that finding truthful information is one of the biggest challenges they face online. But we also know that young people are more than “digital natives.” In some cases, they are experts. They know that awareness, critical thinking, and good judgment are the most important skills to make healthy decisions online. And while finding truthful information online is a challenge, they believe they have the skills to so. That expertise is front and center in this campaign.

From civil discourse to civic engagement to online privacy, Untangle the Web encourages collaborative intergenerational conversations about the challenges and opportunities of the Digital Age.

The campaign concludes April 30 and will be followed by a month-long deeper learning experience for a small cohort of young people.

Ultimately, there is often a disconnect between young people and adults in terms of understanding and using digital tools – from adults misinterpreting how young people are using technology for good, to young people hiding their technology use from adults.

Through Untangle the Web, we created inroads for young people to engage and have a conversation with adults in their lives focused on creating a positive digital community – together. This, and more efforts yet to come, will help move us toward a future of Digital Well-Being. Won’t you join us?