Ryan Banks Academy: Opening Doors through Education on Chicago’s South Side

Before transferring to the Ryan Banks Academy, Malyk struggled in school. “I used to be really wild,” says Malyk, reflecting on his experience in the Chicago public school system (CPS). “It was something I couldn’t control.” ...


FAQs: The Million Coaches Challenge

GETTING STARTED What are the key steps to this process? All interested candidates must follow the steps below to be considered for this funding opportunity. LOI Stage (through January 2021): All candidates must submit a letter ...


Back to School: Youth Perspectives on COVID-Era Education

In-person, remote, and hybrid learning. Tech access for students. “Learning pods.” As students across the country go back to school, community leaders debate how to keep both students and teachers safe while making sure that kids ...


Positive Coaching Alliance: Bringing SEL Training to 400,000 Youth Sports Coaches

More than forty million young people play sports each year. Combining physical activity, play, and collaboration, sports have near-limitless potential to help young athletes develop social and emotional skills like grit, empathy, and teamwork. 


Deborah’s Place: Confronting Homelessness Across Chicago

COVID-19 affects everyone—but it doesn’t affect everyone equally. People experiencing homelessness are particularly vulnerable to the pandemic’s consequences. In the midst of this crisis, Deborah’s Place continues to offer women* experiencing homelessness the stable housing, wraparound ...


Announcing SCE’s Youth Voice Challenge Partners

When we announced our Tech and Society Youth Voice Challenge last winter, we sought the answer to a single question: How can young people inspire their peers to use technology in healthy ways and make digital ...


How has COVID-19 impacted young people?

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely upended the lives of young people. Just a few months ago, we lamented the overscheduling of youth who spent hours of time on extracurriculars and homework after jam-packed school days. Almost ...


Report for America: Strengthening Local News in the Era of COVID-19

In the era of COVID-19, local news coverage is more important than ever. Report for America is making that coverage possible. Across the nation, millions of young students are switching to online learning in response to ...

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